WIMTI Class Presentations of 27 April 2023

 WIMTI Class Presentations of 27 April 2023

The Women in Mining Training Institute (WIMTI) took a twist from the regular schedule in April and held on the last Thursday of the month (27th April) due to peculiar circumstances. Though delayed, it certainly didn’t fail to exceed expectations.

Centred on the African Minerals and Energy Resources Classification and Management System (AMREC) and Financial Reporting, the event featured notable and established speakers, namely Tunde Arisekola, Senior Advisor, Geological and Minerals Information at the African Mineral Development Centre; and Nikoh Mefeugeng Cristelle, a member of AMREC Technical Working Group.

The speakers took turns to do justice to the topic, explaining the meaning and significance of AMREC and how it’ll will change the face of mining in Africa, especially with regards to plugging loopholes and leakages, while ensuring that the wealth derived from the sector is enjoyed by the host nation.

Use the links below to get the full presentations

1. Understanding AMREC by Tunde Arisekola



2. Application of AMREC in Financial Reporting by Nikoh Mefeugeng Cristelle


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