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Urgent Press Release
12th,August, 2022.

The Women in Mining Nigeria (WIMIN) join youths across the globe to celebrate their resilience, creativity, industriousness, vision and impact to the globe as they mark the 2022 International Youths Day this 12th,day of August, 2022.

On March 8, 2022, WIMIN launched its youth-centered programme, Girls For Mining (G4M). The G4M has been designed to inspire female youths to consider the mining sector as a career pathway to their success and accomplishment. The G4M Initiative is a club within women in mining where young girls of secondary school and tertiary institutions are encouraged to embrace Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) related courses and profession in the extractive sector.

The initiative has drawn girls of various school ages across Secondary Schools and Higher Institutions into close interaction with female experts in the mining sector who are accomplished in their chosen career. They are providing ongoing mentorship for the girls and facilitating the mobility of their career in mining. The goal of this initiative is to create a steady pipeline for the influx of female miners into the lucrative and expanding sector of mining and solid minerals. Considering the slow decline of oil and gas and steady shift to clean energy, mining is the future.

In a statement issued by the President of Women in Mining Nigeria, Engr. Janet Adeyemi, she said'On this day marking the International Youth Day (IYD), we are expressing our confidence in the youths of our generation as the only force to engineer the future of our globe. Consequently, I am charging all youths to think mining as they think the future because mining is the foremost career for future. We have started as an organization through the G4M, to assist female youths to seize this limited opportunity and buy a space for themselves in the mining sector ahead of tomorrow. The youths of our time, are the brightest and most opportuned and we are poised to lead them accurately'.

As the youths reflect on the theme of this year's IYD,"Intergenerational Solidarity: Creating A World for All Ages",we encourage all youths to work closely with other generations before them and to foster solidarity, transfer of knowledge and consolidation of efforts to drive the globe forward, just as WIMIN's G4M Initiative has begun to do.

Women in Mining Nigeria is wishing all Youths across the globe a joyful celebration of the 2022 International Youths Day and to wish them a progressive and fulfilling future.

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