Women in Mining in Nigeria (WIMIN) is a non-governmental organization focused on women’s advancement in the Nigerian mineral, exploration and mining sector. WIMIN carries out its programmes through research, capacity building, advocacy and campaigns built on the principles of partnership and rights-based approach. Women and youth’s rights issues are mainstreamed in our programming. It is an umbrella organization driving women empowerment and economic development processes, which tends to gender issues and women inclusion in the sector.

WIMINs focus is on addressing gender equality, governance, and policy dialogue the environment as cross-cutting issues in the mining sector.WIMIN’s worldwide acceptance is anchored on equity and protection of the most vulnerable, particularly women and children from the grievous consequences of artisanal mining.

With membership strength of about 1500, WIMIN is posed to engage in a combination of mining activities, ranging from collection, trading and financing of gemstone production to working on metallic ores and tin sheds, as well as, multi-disciplinary professional service deliveries in geology, engineering, law, accounting, insurance etc.

Our Mission

To create economic opportunities and empower women to engage in safe and sustainable mining practice in Nigeria.

Our Vision

An African mining sector where women and women’s right issues are mainstreamed in all the solid mineral value chain.

Overall Goal

To make government responsive and accountable to women in mining.

Our Strategic Objectives

To advocate and campaign for appropriate policies and laws that captures the interest of Women in Mining in Nigeria.

To strengthen the capacity of the Nigerian Women in Mining on the International best practices required in the mining value chain.

To create funding opportunities and networks for Women in Mining in Nigeria to enable them carryout sustainable mining practices.

Our Core Values

WIMIN’s intervention seeks to effect transformational change in the mining sector based on the four core values of I-SEE:

Integrity: Doing the right thing when no one is watching
Sustainability: Reducing wastages to maintain a balance
Empowerment: Developing Capacity, fostering partnerships
Equity: Reducing Inequalities

Our Governance

To reinforce programmatic effectiveness and achieve the highest level of accountability, WIMIN adopts a multiple-layer governance model, which includes; Board of Trustees, National Executive Directors and a Management Team. Through this model governance roles are articulated. The structure clearly identifies the distinction between management and governing body while informing decisions on the Organization’s resources and safeguarding its interests.